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So a friend of mine graciously decided to send me a large sum of money to assist me with some legal fees I had accrued. $2300 total.

I had just opened a new Truwest account and they recommended Popmoney for account to account transfers. So we decide to send the daily limit ($2000) through Popmoney and then the other $300 the next day. But the next day we are informed both our accounts have been placed on hold for fraud investigation. My friend is told they need to verify her identity.

They do some stuff involving depositing money and verifying the amount. They ask for some personal info. Basically put her through the wringer. But finally it's resolved and they inform her the money will be sent after they lift the hold and then in 3 business days I'll have the money.

three days later, I get an email saying they need to verify ME now. Why they didn't think of this while they were dealing with her is beyond me. So I fax them my bank statement and a copy of my ID. I call to confirm they got the documents and they say yes they did.

I'll be contacted in 24 hours. 48 hours later I call them and they say yes, it was verified. The transfer will start the end of that day. 24 hours LATER we both get emails.

Tina needs to send them her bank info and ID now and I get an email saying my ID was illegible and needs to be re-sent. Keep in mind, this is money for legal fees. If I don't pay these on time I go to prison! We went from 3 weeks to pay these fees to less than a week and Popmoney is STILL dicking us around!

Today we had enough. Tina cancelled the transfer and we have been told the fees will be deposited back to her account in 2 business days. I'm skeptical. And on top of that, some reviews I've found have mentioned they incurred a $15 cancellation fee.

the transfer was supposed to be less than $3 and they sat on their *** dicking me and Tina around. If they charge a cancellation fee because they were too incompetent to do the one job their service is there to do I am going to hit the roof.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popmoney Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Failure to deliver.

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I have Experienced a hold on the money, it has been a month and they are not Returning the money! They Sock realy bad!

The pay people to go on the internet and write good reviews but if you look at the complains for popmoney on the internet you will see that they hold people's money until they give up.

I have wasted a month of my time trying to get my money back. All they say is We are investigating!!!!

THIS IS BAD BUSINESS to say the least!


Dud e I really don't know where you come up with these stories. I have several friends that have been using POPmoney for some time.

If you had really followed the directions it would have been fine. But then that why you might be going to jail because you didn't follow directions.

Champaign, Illinois, United States #1194797

The way the system works.When they think they have someone in a blind alley out of the public eye,they jump them.

Lansing, Michigan, United States #1189342

My mom wanted to send me money so she used Popmoney instead of writing a check. She figured it was more convenient and faster than the mail, right?

It was the first time and I didn't know I had to set up an account for it. I've never dealt with this kind of service. I'm expecting money to be deposited electronically and nothing shows because I fail acknowledge it on an email address that I might look at once a week. So, it gets cancelled.

Mom has to resend it for another $3 fee. Worse yet, the jerks hold on to her money for 5 days before I get the money. I told her to cancel the service and just mail me checks. I don't get this service.

I make electronic transfers from my credit union account, pay no fees, and the transfer is completed the next day.

I make automatic bill payments for free and the money is transferred instantly. Popmoney is rip-off.


Popmoney suspicious and unreliable system to transfer money! today they hold on the money that my family sent it to me and after 3 days they didn't deposit it to my account, then they sent an email for me and asked me for fax them my ID and a bank statement,I went to my bank and told them they asking me my bank statement and my ID, MY bank was shocked and told me this is illegal they asking you your bank statement and if you send them your ID plus your bank statement then they can easily take advantage of your account and your ID and then you will fall in trouble so we strongly recommended you don't send your bank statement to them then I called to popmoney to cancel my order they told me only my family can cancel it then my family call to her bank(US bank) to cancel it by they told her the money is gone now and its out of their access and even US bank told to my sister it is illegal that popmoney asked from receiver for bank statement or ID!

so now this money just holding by popmoney and didn't deposit to my account. I don't trust them to send my ID and my band statement to them special after my bank told me I shouldn't trust them and send my personal info to them.popmoney customer service told me today that sender can cancel the order by call to her bank and in less than 3 days the money will go back to her account. By US banks that is the sender bank doesn't accept any responsibility and keep telling that the money now is in popmoney and they cannot cancel it.I called again to popmoney and asked them last year two times I received money via popmoney without any problem but why this year you asking me for my ID and Personal info such as my bank statement? they told me :"some of transactions needs to more documents for verification" I told them :"but my bank is disagree with it they told you don't have any right to asking ID and bank statement for verification so I want to cancel it .

they just told me I cannot cancel it..oh a long day full of stress and still popmoney didn't solve my problem.

I don't know how companies like popmoney even are allowed to work here!! with a very low quality and a huge number of dissatisfaction between customers about their services?


You had a new bank account, with what, a new bank? And then you promptly tried to use a money transfer service.

Did you check first as to whether you needed account verification? Yes, there was a screw up, but perhaps you innocently helped create it. Please note also that the Treasury has imposed quite strict "know your client" regulations affecting all financial institutions.

Read the fine print?

Too much to ask of you? And the fine print is quite clear and not tiny.

Given that many banks trust and many many users utilize PopMoney, I have little confidence in your labeling the service a "scam."



POPMONEY is a total scam, says that transactions are safe for sender and receiver...READ THE FINE PRINT lost $500 sending money to a scam sale and POPMONEY said "read the fine print" WE DONT COVER IT. I'LL STICK TO PAYPAL never had an issue there!

to Anonymous Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States #1083679

Anonymous - popmoney is for sending to/from people you know. It is not a charge card equivalent the way paypal is.

That's why popmoney costs $1. Paypal costs what charge cards cost.


Popmoney is a faint scam endorsed by banks to extort fees beyond what the bank can charge legally. The banks using popmoney should be listed and customer service aired. US Bank is a partner and they should be avoided at all costs!

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