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It takes more than a week for funds to be available. Even when you are notified that the fund is available it takes an additional 3 days minimum to see see the money in your bank account.

WORST TRANSFER SERVICE EVER. Look at the image attached, notice the date on the transfer. It is ridiculous DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, except you don't need the money for a month. I received an email telling the fund was available three days ago and still showing pending to this day.

I do not recommend this service, check with your bank if they use it. If they do, find another way to send the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popmoney Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I don't work for Popmoney; but I do work for an FI that uses their stuff. You didn't specify, but I am guessing that you most likely sent the payment to an email address or mobile phone number.

The recipient has to act on the email or text they receive, go to, register and provide their account information, verify the email or phone used in the payment- and then they will see any payments being sent to that email or phone to deposit.

The recipient gets 10 calendar days from the time you send a payment to do this; if they don't do it 10 days- the payment expires and returns to your account in 2-3 additional business days.

If your recipient doesn't act on the email or text, your money WILL be tied up for about 2 weeks.

If you enter their bank account information and send directly to their account rather than email or phone, it takes 3 business days from the send date.

Reason is when popmoney debits your account, they have no idea whether they got the money or not until a day later. This is how ACH works naturally. So it takes a day from the debit for the money to clear and show up in popmoney's holding account(s). Once they get the money from you and they see it in their account, they then send it to your recipient.

Your recipient then gets it on the 3rd day.

Money transfers and banking is rarely A to B my account -> other person's account. Last thing to know is if you register on yourself and choose to give them your debit card information, the limits are lower- but you can generally make next day speed payments (usually under 1k) for like 95 cents. The reason? With visa/mastercard- the availability of funds is known in real-time.

The need for popmoney to submit an ACH debit and wait a day to find out if you had money in your account or not is eliminated when using a debit card. Anyway I'm hoping this stuff goes away when Zelle (backed by same company that makes popmoney if you can believe that) goes big in 2018- because no one reads/understands any of it and that is obvious from the reviews here.

to Robert #1344250

This service sux!!!! Period!!!

Their advertising is purposely worded for trickery of the average human. Ive been waiting 6 days for a payment already paid out by senders bank. I accepted 6 days ago. Today i was told at the end of the business day.

Again their vocabulary trickery. My next stop is BBB!

to Robert Houston, Texas, United States #1350142

"when Zelle goes big in 2018"?

Zelle is the new name for clearxchange. It has it's own page here on pissedconsumer, and it looks remarkably similar to this one (for popmoney).

Joe Deasy

to Robert #1358709

You are totally wrong about this! I've been reviving payments for 6 months it's being directly deposited to my account its posted on the 3rd of each month now its the 9th and I still haven't received a payment its been the same way each month...I'm through with this BS.

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